The Cook County Board of Review is Closed to the public

In response to the current coronavirus public health crisis, by order of the Commissioners of the Cook County Board of Review, the Board of Review is closed to the public, and the Board has shifted all core functions to a remote-work posture.

The Board of Review is temporarily restricting in-person access to the public while it completes its work for the 2019 tax session. Any taxpayer can continue to check the status of an appeal or find guidance on assessment information at or call the Board at 312-603-5542 or email at  


For those filing exemptions during the Second Installment, the Board only requires and can only accept the complaint form and PTAX form. Appellants must email those two documents to the Chief Clerk at


An email submission of these two forms will be considered timely filing.


The Board will be in contact with individual appellants at a later date to inform them when and in what manner they can submit supporting documents.