How to Present a Case

Individual taxpayers may represent themselves before the Board of Review. If property is owned by a Corporation or an LLC, the property has to be appealed by an Attorney. A consultant MAY NOT represent a homeowner at the BOR. Taxpayers must file an Appeal on or before the date established as the official closing date for the Township in which the property is located.

Residential Appeals

Welcome to the Residential Filing section. You are in the right place if you own a single family home, small apartment building, or mixed-use property (commercial/residential) with less than 7 total units and less than 20,000 total square feet.

Residential Hearings

A hearing is your chance to stand before one of the Board of Review Analysts to explain why your property assessment should be reduced. It is an opportunity to present your evidence and any special circumstances surrounding your assessment. Taxpayers that appeal at the Board of Review have a right to a hearing, however, it is not mandatory to attend and you may waive your right to a hearing. Taxpayers will not be penalized for waiving their right to a hearing.