District 3 Senior Staff

Larry Rogers Jr.

As the longest serving Commissioner at the Cook County Board of Review since 2004, I take my commitment to serving the residents and businesses of Cook County seriously. I am committed to making this office transparent, efficient, and accessible to ensure that taxpayers do not pay any more than their fair share of property taxes. My commitment and belief in the work of the Board of Review is why over ten years ago, I sought office to represent the constituents of the 3rd District. I knew that our work, reviewing property assessment valuation appeals, was important and the impact of our work on families, homeowners, and businesses was great.

Therefore, I made it a priority to educate property owners of their right to appeal their property assessments by going into the communities I serve and bringing the services of the Board of Review to taxpayers through my Community Outreach efforts. I recognized from the beginning that accessibility to the office was essential, and I have worked diligently to leverage technology to make the office more accessible, efficient, and transparent. The employees of the Board of Review are here to serve you and will gladly assist you throughout the process, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that you understand what evidence you may need to best support your appeal and warrant a reduction in your property assessed value.

Timnetra Burruss
Chief Deputy Commissioner 

Dana Pointer
Director of Outreach

Dana Pointer joined the Cook County Board of Review as a summer intern in 2005 and after 17 years of service, is now the Director of Outreach and the Senior Condominium Analyst for Commissioner Larry Rogers Jr.  

Ms. Pointer adjudicates appeals of residential and commercial properties and stipulates cases before the Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB).  In 2020, she received the Women’s Property Tax Association Diversity Scholarship, because of her commitment to educating all taxpayers in Cook County, regardless of race, religion, or level of education. Ms. Pointer has hosted over 250 Outreach events to educate the taxpayers in the Cook County Board of Review 3rd District and beyond, on the appeal process and property taxation.  Dana worked with OnBase as a SME (Systems Matter Expert), to perfect the current system used at the Board of Review to digitally process appeals.  In 2018, she implemented a texting service to increase the ability to contact all taxpayers in the 3rd District community.  

Ms. Pointer is also a published author writing a three-part series navigating the property tax appeal process in Cook County.