Cook County Board of Review Closes 2016 Appeal Session with focus on outreach and accessibility

85% of Board of Review appeals from homeowners

April 18 (Chicago)—The Commissioners of the Cook County Board of Review, the highest volume assessment appeals board in the country, closed the 2016 session after adjudicating 422,449 appealed parcels in 208,147 cases (a case can have more than one parcel).  208,147 filed cases were the highest number filed in the history of the Board.   Over 85% of the appeals received were from residential homeowners, highlighting the Commissioners’ dedication to
increasing access and fairness to all Cook County residents.

As a check and balance to the Assessor’s office, the Cook County Board of Review (BOR) was established as a forum for property owners to appeal their assessment

Cook County collects and distributes to various taxing districts over $13,000,000,000 in property tax revenues annually.   Property owners’ proportion of this property tax is determined by the assessed value of their property which is initially set by the Cook County Assessor’s Office.  Governed by the Illinois Property Tax Code, the Board of Review accepts and adjudicates assessment appeals from Cook County property owners to determine fair assessments for the purpose of establishing
individual property owners’ fair share of property tax liability.  The BOR hears over 400,000 PIN appeals comprising of 180,000-200,000 dockets every year.

2016 is the second year of the Board of Review’s Digital Appeals Processing System (DAPS) which created a digital workflow for the appeals process at the BOR.  In previous years, the Board relied on a paper-based system to review and analyze all appeals.  DAPS has made the appeal process more accessible to property owners and increased ease of use and transparency.    Using technology and bringing the services of the Board of Review to thousands of residents through each Commissioner’s outreach program has helped homeowners better understand the process and how to file appeals.

“Once again, even with increased filings in property appeals, we successfully completed a timely and fair review of each appeal filed,” said Commissioner Larry Rogers, Jr.  “Also, we have consistently demonstrated our commitment to ensure that taxpayers are aware of their right to have their property assessments reviewed to receive reductions when their property is over assessed to assist in ensuring taxpayers pay no more than their fair share of property taxes.”

“The 2016 assessment appeal session successfully marked the second year the Board utilized the DAPS system allowing us to once again adjudicate another historic number of appeals on time,” said Commissioner Dan Patlak.  “We had the highest number of cases filed in the history of the Board, a dedicated staff that tirelessly tackled this tsunami, and as a result, tax bills will be mailed out on time.”          

“The Digital Appeals Processing System has reinvented the Board of Review into the most technologically advanced, efficient, and transparent assessment appeal board in the country,” said Commissioner Michael Cabonargi.  “We have worked to make the Board more accountable and fiscally responsible through innovative leadership and improved services.”